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How to remember passwords in microsoft edge

By default Microsoft Edge does not give option to save passwords while logging into a website, Use this article to know how to remember passwords in Microsoft edge.

A password is a word or group of characters which is used to access any resource and it is to be kept secret from unauthorized user. Password is a case sensitive. I want to tells you that where is need of passwords. Access any information from a register Microsoft app then need for user-id and password.

Password is used for security purpose like if an unauthorized person access your information then he faced the trouble. Because we secured the account with he password. He can not access our user-id or password easily. When we secure an account then we must do add the characters, alpha numeric and other characters for making  more complicated password. Hacker can guess the easy password and break the password, access the your information. Which is harmful for you.

Now we will talk about the how to remember password in Microsoft edge:

  1.  First step is go on the control panel.click the user account shown as:

         2. In user account click on the “manage web credentials        3. You will see a list of logins for websites, apps, and networks saved by Microsoft Edge shown in picture 4. You will see the detailed view of one of the stored logins. Click the show link or removal link to remove the stored login info.5. Access this info you can easily manage the password.  knock-off rolex watches cartier 21 watch replica Imitation Breitling COLT OCEANE sell my cartier watch replica second hand audemars piguet replica