How to fix error code kmode exception not handled in windows 10

Getting a blue screen of death in Windows 10 is certainly an error that is annoying and KMODE Exception not handled Error in Windows 10 is one of them. This error code occurs when your system crashes and reaches a stage where you cannot use it in normal mode. It shows the blue screen with a series of error codes on it. Let us learn how to fix the issue.

How to fix error code kmode exception not handled in windows 10

Update the drivers or disable them

You should check if the error occurs due to faulty drive. You can either update the drivers manually to the newest version available or run a driver update that can automatically update the drivers. If you want to update the driver manually follow the steps below

Click – Start

In search box type  – devmgmt.msc

From the result, list click on- devmgmt

Now right click on the driver

Choose – Update Driver software to update driver

Select- Disable to disable your driver 

Click- Uninstall to uninstall the driver

To update driver automatically

Click – Start

Head to – Device and Printers

Right click on the computer

Select- Device Installation Settings

Select- Yes do this automatically

Click- Save Changes

Now follow the screen instructions to carry out the process.

Disable your antivirus

Sometimes other factors like a backup program, antivirus software or any other software are responsible for the error KMODE Exception not handled Error in Windows 10.  Try to disable your antivirus software/malware software and see if it solves the issue.

Repair Windows

In case the issue isn’t resolved by using the simple methods given above then there are chances that Windows may be corrupted so it is better to carry out clean Windows installation.

Upgrade to newest BIOS version

In some cases, the outdated version of BIOS can also result in KMODE Exception not handled Error in Windows 10. In such cases, you must update BIOS to the latest version.

Turn OFF the Fast Startup

It can prove to be the effective and simple method to fix KMODE Exception not handled Error in Windows 10. You can follow the steps given below to turn off the fast start up

Head to- Control Panel. Look for – System and Security and then click on – Power Options

Next, Now select the option- Choose what power buttons do

Next, click on the option – Change settings that are currently unavailable.

Now uncheck the following box located beside – Turn on fast start-up and then Save the changes. This will solve your problem.